How to judge the quality of each part of Quick Freezing Equipment depends on whether the control circuit is normal, whether the compressor can operate normally and whether the pipeline has sufficient snow. The following steps can be adopted:  First, look: see if the external officials have changed, damaged or rusted.  II. Smell: After the power is turned on, listen to the sound of snow seeds flowing by air pressure or other noises when the compressor is running, as well as the size and purity of the sound.  III. Test: Turn the thermostat.

First, there are several conditions for the quality of the compressor of quick-freezing equipment: (1) hard faults such as leakage of electricity that does not start, tripping the power switch after power on;  (2) If the heater does not turn off after being electrified, the starter will be replaced. If it fails again, the compressor will be broken.  (3) If there is internal high-pressure air leakage due to soft fault, the inspection step is to cut off the pipeline and power it on, and try to block the high-pressure exhaust outlet with his hand.

Second, how to judge whether the electromagnetic valve of quick freezing equipment is good or bad?
At present, solenoid valves are pulse-type, and the main control board controls the flow of refrigerant to each compartment to control temperature. Fault phenomenon 1: System leak detection method: Soap water is applied to each welding part of solenoid valve, and after refrigerant is injected into the system, whether bubbles are generated or not.  Fault Phenomenon 2: Non-reversing Detection Method: Touch the Solenoid Valve by Hand.

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