For black women, wearing a 4x4 Lace Wig is as normal as drinking water. Wigs are something that can make women more beautiful and better. Experts recommend that every woman should have at least one wig in her wardrobe. With proper care, it can last at least a year, if not longer. This blog is about how to take care of 4x4 Closure Wig from damage.


  1. Give the wig a rest

Constantly styling and coloring your natural hair can take its toll. Like all rays from the sun. Giving your hair a break while letting the 4x4 Lace Closure Wig do all the work is another benefit you can't beat.


  1. Keep away from heat

When you're not wearing it, store it on a wig stand to keep it in good shape. When wearing a synthetic wig, don't keep your head too close to a hot oven, fireplace, or open flame.

When washing wigs, fill a sink or bowl with cold water for your wigs, especially wigs that are curly.


  1. Be careful when swimming

A lot of water exposure can loosen the hair's bond considerably, so you must carefully dry it afterwards.


  1. Reduce cleaning frequency

You don't have to be forced to wash regularly like your own hair because they don't get a constant natural oil from your scalp. So you can condition your hair more or less every few weeks to keep it shiny and soft.


  1. Invest in a wide-tooth comb

All you have to do is purchase a wig-specific product and a wide-toothed comb and follow the specific instructions for handling them, before washing, use a soft, coarse-toothed brush or a fine-toothed wooden comb to lightly brush up and down to remove dirt and dust clean.


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