Lost Ark has multiple classes, each with unique attributes and skills. All of these main classes are generic and cannot be restricted to a specific role. So within each class there are subclasses that excel at specific roles. In Lost Ark, Arcana is a mid-range class with quick combos and quick moves. Welcome to MMOWTS to learn more about Lost Ark.

It uses cards as weapons that can be stacked on enemies for higher damage bursts. Players can randomly draw cards from the deck for various buffs. Blaster belongs to the hunter class and is good at outputting high damage and AoE skills. After using the Blaster, the player will be able to use the mechanical launcher. The weapon is a long-range weapon, which is more secure compared to other weapons.

The Destroyer uses a gravity hammer as its main weapon and moves relatively slowly. It belongs to the junior fighter class and is good at dealing AoE damage. Players can easily clear a wave of enemies with the Destroyer, making it a very beginner-friendly class. Plus, it has some of the best crowd control skills in the game. Infighter is a melee class classified in the Fighter group.

Players who choose Infighter will generally have fun on the battlefield, as it is a well-rounded class with decent attack and defense capabilities. The Infighter is a more durable class, and even if its damage output potential isn't great compared to some of the classes mentioned above, it will allow players to last longer in combat.

The Lance Master has insane damage, and if used correctly, players can easily get through the fight. However, players need to be careful when manipulating it, as this is a somewhat confusing class. The steep learning curve of this class can be troublesome for players, but once mastered, it is one of the best classes in the game. Also, https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold can help players get more cheap Lost Ark Gold.