Buy Animal Crossing Items object, bamboo grasswimming, mermaid fixtures, and sea creatures to the game. That's no longer all that is new proper now, however; Nintendo has also brought another constrained-time seasonal s.

The item is indexed within the Seasonal tab of the Nook Shopping catalog and ties into the Japanese pageant of Tanabata, which occurred on July 7. Like preceding seasonal items, the bamboo grass will best be available for a constrained time--till July 31--and expenses 3,080 Bells to reserve.

Beyond the new seasonal object, any other occasion recently passed off in Animal Crossing: New Horizons--the Fishing Tourney. That opposition came about this past Saturday, July eleven and gave gamers some other threat to earn fish furnishings and other items. Although this month's Fishing Tourney has now ended, the event will go back once more in October.