The Middle Part Lace Wig is very suitable for only considering the best choice for one hairstyle, But why do you choose the middle part wig that suits you best? read along as we have put together the advantages of the middle part wigs in the market right now!


Lace Front Middle Part Wig:

when the front of a wig is 100% lace, the middle of the parting space, which make the lace looks like a ‘’T’’ shape. the feature of this wig is with a 13X4 inches lace area. The lace front middle part wig can be divided into the middle section.Middle Part Wig has a high quality as other wigs, but its price is more competitive.


last longer time

The modern middle part wigs and closure wigs are extremely durable. When worn Middle Part Wig daily, the natural wigs last more than synthetic hair. Natural wigs last for almost a year, while synthetic wigs last for 4-6 months. human hair middle part lace front wig will easily retain the amount of hair on the wig as well as their shape and color.


More Natural

The other significant benefit is the ability of the hair color to blend with your natural hair. Since they are made from human hair you can dye them any color to be trendier, This makes you feel like it's your normal hair.


versatile density and length

Ruiyu Provides a different variety of densities you can choose:150%density,180% density,250% density available. Length is another important thing you might want to consider, and we also sell the longest length to 30 inches. all meant for the different preferences of women.Therefore, compared with the lace front wig, the price is competitive.


Last But Not Last, Wigs are available for curly, kinky, straight, water wavy, and several other textures of hair. Choose the wig that matches your personality and satisfies your needs. this is worth a try!


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