One of the tricks to make your Headband Wigs look smooth and seamless is to have a real hairline,This means you need several ways to make it look as natural as possible.


choose your wig

The first step to make a hairline look natural is to start with a 100% human hair wig. You can use your 360 Lace Frontal Wig like natural hair. so it is easy to make a realstic hairline on a wig.


Pluck Hair

Unless you want your wig to have a helmet head effect, please pick up those tweezers to get rid of the excess volume.

Grasp the tweezers with your hands and pull the 13x4 Lace Front Wig strands back from your face, starting from your hairline, just above your ears, and all the way to the middle. Repeat the steps to pull out several layers of hair and keep observing how dense the hairline is-until your hairline looks natural.Remember: spending patience and energy will make you get good results.


Blend Your Hairline


Using powder and concealer you already have, lightly brush along the hairline and part. Then you can gently blot or dab the concealer into the lace with a makeup brush or even your fingers to get a more natural-looking hairline. This will blend the lace with the color of your skin to give a more natural look and hide harsh edges.


Trim Baby Hair

Baby hair looks like it grows from natural hair. Wigs with baby hair tend to make people notice beautiful baby hair instead of your hairline, so trimming and making baby hair is necessary.


Bleach Knots

you want a little more of anatural look,Some people choose to bleach the knot to get a scalp tone that blends with the scalp color. But this is a bit complicated-you'd better seek professional help.


Flatten Your Hair

using a hot comb and a blow dryer to flatten out the top but you can use either or you don't have to use both.