Wigs provide so many benefits to the wearer, not to mention the huge increase in self-esteem and improved appearance.and we will introduce what you need to know how to put on a T Part Wig.


T lace wig:

T lace wig has only one standard part, These wigs have fewer lace parts, so the installation method will be easier and more convenient than the lace front wig. T Part Lace Wig can be worn in just 3 steps.


1.Comb Own Hair


Take out your wig and shake your wig gently,Combing your hair with a comb The goal is to make your natural hair as flat as possible.


2.Put On Wig Cap

Wigs are usually equipped with 4 combs. Position the wig cap at the point where your front natural hairline would be. You can use a comb to fix the wig cap to your hair. If your wig feels too tight or too loose, use the Velcro strap on the back of the wig to adjust it.If you don’t have hair, you can use wig glue to fix the wig.

If the wig cap does not match the color of your scalp, please use foundation powder and lightly pat the wig cap to better match.

3.Wear Wig

Place your wigs on both sides of the woven label on the back. Place it on your natural hairline and slide it from front to back. Adjust the wig as needed so that the front edge is just above your natural hairline. Use earrings to center the wig from left to right. If necessary, adjust the Velcro label on the back for a firmer fit.

After putting the wig on the head, start to manipulate the wig so that it covers the entire wig cap.


f you choose to use the glue to secure your wig, the best approach is to lift the edge of the wig and pull it back approximately 1 inch. Then apply the adhesive and even fashion to get the best results.Once it is in place on your head it gives the appearance of the hair growing naturally from your head rather than the fact that you are wearing a wig.