The Middle Part Lace Wig can be customized cut and color to match the customer's personal style. In order to adapt to different appearances, many women design and apply extensions by themselves. Next, this article mainly discusses several commonly used steps and methods for styling wigs.



The styling starts with the correct brushing. This will wake up the fiber.Please use a comb or your fingers to comb.If there are tangles at the end of the Lace Front Middle Part Wig, start near the end of the hair and then go back to the top to separate the tangles.


Use the right hair products


When taking out a new Middle Part Wig (human or synthetic hair) from the package, shake it gently before brushing your teeth or applying any product (if possible). If you want, you can use a little spray leave-in wig conditioner.


As mentioned above, human hair is easier to style. It is recommended to use anti-tangling agent and/or heat protectant when styling. It will keep your wig smooth, avoid product accumulation, and help maintain your wig for months or even years.


Use flat iron

After brushing and styling, run the flat iron (or curling iron) to get the style you want before spraying the hair gel to prevent it from flying off.You can re-fix the curls of the wig with a temperature-tight curling iron, hair dryer or curling iron of the appropriate size.


Synthetic wig

It is best to use your fingers to comb the wig of your choice. Again, be gentle and only use products that are suitable for synthetic wigs. However, unless the wig has a heat-resistant label, avoid using any heating tools.


Finally, try on the human hair wig you just designed to see what it looks like. You may need to add some finishing touches to personalize the style of the wig to suit your face shape.