The Working Principle of Solvent Extraction Plant:

The principle of solvent recycling machine is to take advantage of some organic solvents in the waste lubricating oil containing hydrocarbons and additives, oxidation products, sludge, and other solubility different characteristics, under certain conditions, the waste oil additives, oxidation products, sludge, and other impurities removed, and then distillation recovery solvent. This device can be used oil decompression hair oil, cutting line oil, black wood, machine oil, waste liquid pressure oil, transformer oil, and other waste containing no solid particles oil one-time processed into performance close to the second type of base oil, hydrogenated oil chroma water white, color code below 0.1, viscosity, viscosity index, acid value, carbon residue, demulsification, pour point, saturated hydrocarbon and other indicators are at or near the level of 2 kinds of hydrogenated base oil. If it is used together with the distillation unit produced by our company, the refining effect will be better.


Treatment Flow of Solvent Extraction Machine

Preheating part: the raw oil is preheated to the working temperature in the preheated tank with stirring.



Pre-treatment part: the preheated raw oil and working medium enter into the displacement device of the pre-treatment part at the same time. Through the special working principle of the displacement device, most of the sulfide, oxide, nitride, colloid, asphalt, aromatic hydrocarbon, and unsaturated hydrocarbon in the raw oil is absorbed by the working medium. Separated from the working medium, the oil enters the next stage of deep treatment.



Working medium recovery in the former treatment: working medium is processed by the recovery module to separate the adsorbed components and form residual oil into the slag tank. Working medium shall be kept for recycling within the former treatment part (new working medium e and old working medium e shall be recycled for new working medium).



Advanced treatment part: the semi-finished oil processed by the former treatment part is sent into the advanced treatment module together with the working medium. Working medium adsorbs trace impurities remaining in the semi-finished oil, and at the same time absorbs a small amount of working medium from the previous treatment, and the oil separated from the working medium enters the filtration part. The working medium of section



Depth of processing recycling: working medium through recycling, adsorption of small amounts of impurities and working medium, the precipitation in the mixture into the front-end processing part working medium recycling processing module for recycling, working medium after regeneration recycling (new medium old working medium recovery working medium).


Filtering: after dealing with the depth of oil, the filter oil machine, oil interception or entrained in trace solids, enhance oil cleanliness, then into the finished product tank.