Take care of your hair! Because your hair shows how you are more charming to everyone. This blog wants to share the way you can keep your Lace Front Middle Part Wig.


Protect hair

Your wig may be affected by the outside world, you need to always protect your hair, the most effective way to prevent your hair free of harm is to cover your Middle Part Wig with natural silk hats and scarf, which can avoid dry hair or dirt.


Cleaning hair:

Investment high-quality hair care products and comb are important, using high-quality comb and shampoo than low quality products, gently combine and brush hair, and completely clean your hair and use quality conditioner. Your shampoo should not make your hair stiff or no shiny. If so, change one.


Correct use of conditioner

Whether you need to know when you clean your natural hair or wig, apply conditioner to the position away from the hair, not to apply it on the scalp. Before the next cleaning, wait a few minutes to make the conditioner fully nourish your hair, this is one of the secrets of beautiful hair.


Carefully blow dry hair


Hold your hair with a dry towel so that the towel naturally wet the extra moisture and gently extruded the hair without damaging the root or dry. Don't use towels to wipe it, although you might blow dry hair faster, you might see entanglement and falling hair.


Avoid too many styles

That's right, although you can processed and styled hair, but whenever you use hot tools to design your hair, your hair will be affected, and the function of hair will be weakened and dry.


Let your hair ‘sleep’ a good night

Not only do people need to rest to make the next day with abundive vitality, the wig is the same, it is already shaking all day on your head, remove it before going to bed, let it take a break.


In the end, your hair is very good for your care. Hair is more smooth than you think, all efforts have fun.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting www.ruiyuhair.com.