Recently, women are very sensitive to melting wigs, because it can give women a natural and cute look, in this article, I specialize in discussing different melted lace wigs.


What is lace front wig and headband wig


Any type of wig can bring you natural appearance. If you choose the right wig, your wigs are invisible. It is fully integrated with your natural hair. This article mainly discusses the lace front wigs and the most popular headband.


360 Lace Frontal Wig has been popular all over the world, it can cover the entire front side and back, there is a positive role in achieving natural edges, they are usually made of lace or silk material, lace color usually have three options, HD transparent lace 360 wigs can perfectly integrate your hairline and skin. Due to the short supply of lace materials and expensive manual cost, the lace is usually worthy.


The 13x4 Lace Front Wig is additionally intended to be modified by your regular hairline to make it all the more natural. It is on the grounds that this material is reasonable for the regular appearance from the ear to the ear, so you can see your scalp by wigs, it appears to be that you are your real hair. It looks real, nobody can realize that it isn't growing from your scalp. Today, more and more people have a lot of demand for lace front wigs because they are very realstic.


The wigs of the Headband Wigs can also be perm and dyed to perfectly integrate with your natural hair. Even if the budget is not enough, you can find a wig integrated with the skin, which is the main reason why the headband wig once set off.


  1. Ruiyuhair's melted lace wig


In Ruiyuhair, we have three types of HD lace, HD T lace wig, HD lace closure, HD 13X4 lace front wig. Our store also offers 30-inch 250% density wigs, which is very suitable for cold seasons. Now there are eight quality to choose from, straight hair, body wave, loose wave, water waves, deep wave, deep curly, Kinky Curly, Kinly straight.


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