The on-board magnetic gps tracker is the most practical instrument in current positioning products. It is mainly used to help drivers perform various services such as directions, navigation or vehicle positioning. This instrument first embeds an electronic map into the device, and then installs a positioning module on the device, plus other related mobile services, to realize the user's needs for this device. This instrument uses satellite systems and ground equipment to combine, so that many satellites orbiting the ground in a certain orbit continue to receive data from the ground, so that these data are continuously transmitted to the equipment, and the user obtains himself through the device. Information needed.

The on-board magnetic gps tracker can guide various routes by collecting various aspects of data. The car equipped with this instrument can realize its own positioning through this system and find a reasonable route quickly and accurately. This is for novice drivers or ordinary drivers. Reaching unfamiliar sections is a great help, especially for passenger drivers or long-distance freight drivers.

The on-board magnetic gps tracker can not only complete the route guidance during the work, but also record its own driving track, and the user can know his own speed, so as not to relax his vigilance or accidentally speeding. When the device provides users with a variety of different routes for them to choose, the device performs precise calculations through rigorous mathematical operations to enable users to obtain the most suitable route. When the car is lost, the user can turn on the device to locate the stolen car, avoiding major damage to property. This service now covers the regions of major countries around the world, so general users do not have to worry about its applicability.