One of the most iconic specializations of World of Warcraft is Beast Mastery Hunter. Since the launch of the TBC Classic Gold game, it has been the choice for long-range DPS players who want to hit the top damage.

Currently, Beast Mastery Hunter stands out as a raid and epic in Beast Mastery Hunter and a competitive specialization in dungeons. It can bring a powerful combination of AOE damage for each encounter and huge damage to a single target, so Beast Mastery Hunter can almost face any remote character in the game.

If you want to fully build Beast Mastery Hunter, the following may be something you must know.

Animal Companion, this talent allows players to summon a second permanent pet to help fight. In addition to using basic abilities such as claws, biting, or roaring, this pet can also do everything the player's original pet did. However, in order to offset the situation that the player has two pets, the damage caused by the pets will be reduced by 35%, but the existence of two pets is enough to offset these reduced damage.

Scent of Blood will trigger Barbed Shot twice when Bestial Wrath is activated. Barbed Shot and the great cooldown of Beast Mastery Hunter are perfectly matched, so when the player turns on the cooldown and fully attacks the boss, this talent will provide the player with a powerful DPS increase.

In addition, Natural Mending will convert the player's attention into Exhilaration's cooling time reduction. When players spend 30 points of attention on skills, Natural Mending will reward the player for removing one second from Exhilaration's cooling time. In terms of self-repair, Exhilaration is the best choice. Therefore, in an emergency, it is best for players to use it as many times as possible.

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