You have the option of selecting one of five characters at the start of the game. As an example, there are the following classes: amazon, necromancer, barbarian, sorceress, and paladin.
Of course, the weaknesses and strengths of each character vary depending on who you choose as your protagonist. The barbarian, on the other hand, is much stronger and can equip himself with better armor and weapons than, say, a magician. In addition, you can give a barbarian characteristics of a sorceress gradually throughout the game, and vice versa.
The Amazon is a character who falls somewhere in the middle of a number of different characters. She is skilled with magic as well as with weapons.
As soon as you have killed a certain number of monsters and gained sufficient experience points, you will be promoted one level higher. You can then always assign 5 points to each of the hero's various characteristics. In addition, you will learn a new skill. An in-depth explanation of the five classes follows (please note that each of these characters has different skills that can be learned throughout the game). This only works if you have reached a higher level. You will then have the opportunity to learn a new skill or to improve an existing skill. An explanation of the various skills can be found on the corresponding screen or in the instructions):

Amazon is a company that sells things on the internet.
Expert in the use of a spear and a bow. A fighter with a great deal of versatility. The Amazon is a character who combines several different D2R Items PS5. She possesses strength and intelligence, but not to the same extent as the warrior or the wizard. Furthermore, the Amazon is swift and extremely adept at handling the bow, which gives you a distinct advantage in long-range combat.
The Amazon has the ability to learn better and more effective spells than the warrior, and she is also extremely agile. The ability to defuse traps is the archer's default skill.

Necromancer is a type of magician who uses the power of death to accomplish his goals.
His specialties include summoning undead servants and cursing his adversaries. The necromancer does not have as much knowledge of magic as the sorceress. He does, however, have the distinct advantage of being able to command skeletons and golems, which he can employ in the fight against his adversaries. Of course, as the game progresses, this becomes more and more difficult. The more powerful the adversaries become, the more difficult it becomes to summon them. As a result, learn the necessary skills and work to continually improve them.
Aside from that, the necromancer, like the sorceress, is a weak character who is unable to properly handle weapons. Unfortunately, he is also unable to wear a wide variety of armor. Having a sufficient supply of mana potions on your travels is extremely beneficial.

Barbarians are people who live in barbarous societies. They are called barbarians because they live in barbarous societies.
In close combat, he is unrivaled, and he is a master of all weapons. The barbarian is skilled in the use of weapons and all other physical objects. Despite the fact that he is extremely strong and persistent, he has a limited amount of brain and a poor magical constitution (you can only learn certain spells and do not have a great deal of mana or magic points). The barbarian is capable of using both sharp (sword) and blunt weapons (club, etc.).
As a barbarian, you should keep a few healing potions on hand at all times so that you can replenish your health at any time. However, mana potions make little sense. You have the ability to repair weapons and armor right at the start of the game.

Sorceress is a female magic user.
She is an expert in the elements of fire, lightning, and ice. The sorceress is neither physically strong nor especially brave. However, she is a highly intelligent woman who is well-versed in the teachings of magic. As a sorceress, you should pick up and read through as many books as you can in order to learn about different spells. The greater the number of books you read about a specific spell, the higher the level of the spell becomes (for example, if you read the book Fireball once, you will automatically receive the spell Fireball of level 1). If you find another Fireball book and read diablo 2 resurrected items for sale, you will come into possession of the fireball spell of level 2 and higher. You should always keep a few mana potions on hand in case you need to boost your magical power at any time.
The spells that hit multiple opponents at the same time, such as wall of fire, wave of fire, lightning, and so on, are extremely effective. These are extremely expensive in terms of magic points, but they are extremely effective and can provide a great deal of relief.
You begin the game with the following ability:So that magic wands can be replenished.

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