The most important thing about New World is New World Coins, which is to satisfy players’ needs for purchasing powerful equipment and new house decoration. What are the ways to get New World Coins?

In fact, the most basic way to get New World Coins is to complete the tasks in the game. When the player completes the task, the system will give them New World Coins as a reward.

In addition, the loot got by the player through the completion of the task is sold to other players in need, which can also bring New World Coins, but when the player really understands the role of the item, they may not want to sell it. The value of ordinary items is not high, and runes are precious. Getting runes often requires players to complete tasks to improve rankings, which is difficult. This also prevents most players from choosing to sell, so this method is only secondary.

Players can also get New World Coins indirectly by using skills. Trading skills are one of them. Players need to pay attention to various trading stations, compare resource prices, and choose the trading station that is most beneficial to them to exchange for New World Coins. The harvest skill is that the player uses tools such as the sickle to collect some resources, such as crops and plants. These resources play a vital role in subsequent production and processing.

Production skills are fancy level. The higher the level, the more valuable the products produced and processed, which requires players to use various methods to improve their production skills. Players with higher levels of these skills tend to get rarer and more valuable items. Players can also New World Coins Buy directly to save time and effort in upgrading.

Players can use these skills to get more New World Coins in the new world and get a better gaming experience. Of course, if players need to upgrade quickly, they can buy New World Coins at IGGM.