After making a move, the memories of the heavy moments disappear or remain recorded.

One of the big problems when making a move or transfer is the packaging of the electronic material of the house. Television, computers, DVDs, speakers, Ipads and, most importantly, the cables that accompany them end up in separate boxes without labeling, on the floor or, in the worst case, useless or broken.

Therefore, today we want to advise you on moving and how to pack all the electronic devices that surround us at home.


Surely you have seen the original packaging when buying a computer or any electronic device. Normally, in addition to the cardboard box, the packaging has polystyrene and plastics to cushion any small blow. If you think that by covering the screen with a towel and sealing it you already preserve it from a break, put those ideas aside and follow our advice to be able to pack your screens and computers without spending a fortune:


To begin with, we will avoid placing all the devices in a single box. Any blow can affect the whole set and cause everything inside the box to break. So, we will put the devices in different boxes.

Packaging of a television or portable screen: We will place some cardboard sheets that exceed the inches of the screen and then wrap the object with plastic and / or bubble wrap that dampens any rapid and sudden movement. It is also advisable to use a towel or cloth to give more protection to the monitors.

In the boxes where we put the accessories of the electronic devices (keyboards, mice, headphones, computer tower, etc.) we will fill the box with newspapers and bubble wrap to avoid any blows. IF they are large objects, such as the computer tower, place it in a single box because of its weight and its weakness.

Pack with adhesive tape that does not dry out or cool down with changes in temperature.

And finally, label the boxes to know what they contain: markers, markers and Fragile labels will help us to know and thus give a better service and transport to the content of that box.