In New World, if players want to have the best weapons, they must spend some coins to purchase specific resources at the trading station in any town. Of course, players can also profit from selling New World Coins Buy equipment and resources they don’t need in these stores. The game provides players with multiple ways to obtain New World Coins. Although they are easy to execute, players still need to spend some time to do some fairly ordinary tasks.

Obtaining gold coins by completing tasks is one of the most commonly used methods for players. Players can choose to complete the tasks given to the player by the citizens of each town at any time. All findings in this guide are based on the New World beta and may change as the New World release date approaches.

In the game, players can get some gold coins by buying and selling the runes they hold. Although faction missions themselves will not reward players with a lot of gold coins, players will receive a considerable amount of tokens after completing each mission. After the player has saved enough tokens, click the "Buy Reward" button to open the reward store while talking with the player's New World faction leader.

Inside, players will find many weapons and armors, but this is not the most profitable. The most valuable items are holding runes that require tokens and coins to purchase. Players can use these runes to make better packages. In order to obtain higher quality runes, players need to complete faction missions to improve the player's rank in the faction.

Although the overall selling price of these items fluctuates between towns and even servers, some players found that during the beta period, the New World Coins market value of secondary holding runes was about 500 coins. This is twice the number of coins the player spent to purchase it initially. It often takes a lot of time and energy to obtain New World Coins by completing tasks. If players want to obtain a large amount of New World Coins in a short period of time, the fastest way is to buy them on some professional websites, such as NewWorldCoins.