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In layman terms it is a manually operated diesel engine starter. By winding a cranking handle the disc springs are compressed and when the potential energy in the springs are released by tripping, the starter pinion rotates the engine flywheel ring gear thus starting the diesel engine.

A mechanical spring starter is totally autonomous and does not need any external energy source except for manual power. It combines the reliability of hand winding with the power of spring mechanism. It is a direct bolt on replacement for electric, pneumatic or hydraulic starter used for starting direct injection diesel engines.


Detailed Operating Structure Of Spring Starter

The Releasing Mechanism

The release mechanism is a part of the operating mechanism for spring starter, its main parts are the lifting rod assembly and the releasing lever working chain. The operator performs two operations with the lifting lever and the releasing lever. The purpose of operating the lifter is to keep the releasing mechanism in a state of being ready for energy storage, in which state the rotation of the spindle will be limited in order to achieve energy storage of the spring. The purpose of operating the releasing lever is to cancel the limitation of the spindle rotation when the diesel engine needs to be started; and at the same time completing the discharge of the disc spring, the output torque of the spindle, and the starting process of the diesel engine. In that progress, the shaft drives the flywheel drive gear to rotate.


The Clutch Mechanism

The clutch mechanism is a mechanism that combines and disengages the movement of the spring starter and the engine. The main part is the flywheel drive gear, which generates axial movement by means of a spiral groove on the starter main shaft. When the diesel engine needs to be started, the main shaft rotating pushes it to move in the direction of the flywheel to achieve meshing with the flywheel ring gear. Conversely, when the starter is working and the diesel engine begins to rotate actively, the flywheel of the diesel engine drives the rotation of the flywheel for driving gear while moving it backward along the axis, disengaging engagement of the gears.


disc drive mechanism

The disc drive mechanism is a manpower input mechanism, and the main parts are the disc drive shaft and the transmission gear. It is the only way to convert manpower into spring energy. One of its functions is to determine the disk movement space and the angle required for the disk to make the operation convenient and comfortable. Secondly, it changes the direction of the input torque so that the axis of rotation conforms to the axis direction of the disk spring energy storage. Third, it can limit the reversal of the disc axis. And last, it is the radial support of the spindle and the axial thrust.


Easy Way to Start a Diesel Engine

Spring starter is easy to operate when there is short of electricity, which compares with other ways. When the diesel engine needs to be started, first needs to ensure that the diesel fuel supply system of the diesel engine works normally. Then pulling the lifting rod of the starter to make the releasing mechanism in the preparation state of energy storage, and using the rotating handle to rotate the starter disk in the specified direction for reaching the required energy storage state. And then, pushing the releasing lever in the direction indicated. After that, the diesel engine will be started.