A new year means a new Madden. Each new Madden tightened some bolts, changed the UI, and added new elements to the game that may not be familiar to returning players. The following are some tips of Madden 22 Ultimate Team that can take players' games to the next level.

If the player hasn’t played Madden games in a few years, it’s best to enter the training menu and do some review exercises. If the player has never played Madden, the coach will teach them the basics of each position and how to use MUT Coins Madden 22.

Players understand that coverage in a passing game is essential for driving low courts and scoring touchdowns. The bane of any Madden player is a costly interception, especially when the shortened quarter makes pick-and-rolls and mistakes almost impossible to recover. In Cover 2, two deep guards divide the field into two halves, each covering its own side. Players will recognize Madden 22 Coins by the two deep safety and CB playing games about 5 yards from the receiver. The weakness of Cover 2 is midfield. However, players must pay close attention to center LB to see where his coverage is.

If the player can hold a safety device in the middle of the field, the deep sideline should also be very open. To do this, place the TE on a route away from the melee line, and then hit the deep corner route on the right or left sideline, depending on where the TE and WR are arranged. Cover 2 can also place the DB in a shallow flat area, thereby eliminating check throws or at least preventing players from gaining yards.