New World’s developer Amazon Games recently announced that it will postpone the release date to September 28, 2021, disappointing game fans. They attribute the delay to the hope of higher quality and error-free versions. Feedback from players who participated in the last closed beta at the end of July and early August provided the necessary motivation. It seems that developers need more time to fine-tune the version.

Back in the game, the new world is a fantasy-based MMORP game, based on the fantasy island of Aeternum, which should symbolize Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. These events occurred around the 16th century. Players can join factions called covenants, predators or syndicates, form guilds, participate in world PvP, and conquer cities. Each player starts at level 1, and then rises to level 60, which is the beginning of the end of the game. Now is a good time for players to buy new world coins.

At the beginning, but equally important in high-end games, the game currency of the New World is called new world coins, which is a very much-needed necessity. Coins are almost everywhere, just like the World of Warcraft TBC gold coins used in the World of Warcraft classic: The Burning Crusade. There are two ways to obtain gold coins in the game, one is to cultivate and collect gold coins, and the other is to use websites such as Gold4Vanilla to buy New World Coins. If you are familiar with any other major MMO games, the process is very similar, with a few exceptions.

Always plunder killed NPC enemies and sell their stock to game suppliers. Make a distinction between looted items, because if certain items are sold or traded to other players at the auction house, they can be sold at a higher price. Completing quests will not only get the experience needed to upgrade, but also provide you with quest rewards in the form of equipment upgrades and various amounts of coins. If you don't need gears, you can dump them at IGGM at any time to buy Amazon New World Coins.