Grinding Gear Games revealed Path of Exile's latest expansion expedition in its live broadcast on Thursday. Co-founder Chris Wilson announced a series of changes to the game, including nearly 20 skills and support gems, potion rework, new items, Path of Exile: Return of the Royal, and more. Grinding Gear Games will launch Path of Exile: Expedition on July 23.

Expedition expansion adds a new event in which players can bomb artifact sites to earn equipment. Trusted by Kalguur, players can place traps on the ground to dig out objects and other objects. But these explosions also allowed Gukar Gur to crawl out of the grave and counterattack. Players can also use bombs to blow up walls and find secrets . Or dig treasure chests to get better things. Once the player has the artifact, they can bargain with Kalguur to get more loot. Players need to strike a balance between making deals and NPCs that don't provoke them.

Grinding Gear has made a number of major changes in the expedition, and players will receive 19 new skills and POE Currency. This provides players with more ways to create characters. Even outside of the new exploration mode, the studio will redesign the game's Flask system, which previously forced players to repeatedly click buttons. Using their fingers, the developers said that before the change, some players even made their own equipment to help press multiple keys at the same time.

All these new features have brought many weakenings that may lead to the division of the community. Grinding Gear Games has launched a new attempt, first of all to POE Currency Buy, making the path of exile more difficult. Finally, the studio announced Path of Exile: Return of the Royal, which is a battle royale mode in popular action games