Less than two weeks after the launch of Expeditions, the game’s latest comment status on Steam has changed. According to the platform, Path of Exile received 67% of 2,786 positive comments in the past 30 days. Judging from the graphics provided by Steam, the previous game reviews did not appear "mixed" at any stage.

Fans of Path of Exile who left negative reviews complained that the main mechanism of the "Expedition" alliance was boring, the POE Currency increased, and the fact that many character constructions that have been used for many years have stopped working as before. Several players also believed that the studio GGG and its director Chris Wilson no longer knew about the players, and that the vision of the development leader was outdated.

The Expedition League, which was released on PC on July 23, made the game more complex and changed the bottle system. According to the developers, it should now be used more thoughtfully. The complication is that, among other things, the mana consumption of some skills increases, which does not like some players.

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