NBA 2K22 will support cross-generational progression, which means players can carry their MyTeam collection and any currency earned or purchased NBA 2K22 MT. NBA 2K22 is the next game in the 2K long-running basketball simulation series. Like NBA 2K21, the game is supported on both previous and current generation consoles. This means that players can upgrade from PS4 to PS5 or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S without worrying about buying the game twice when it launches on September 10.

But one thing to remember is how 2K handles the intergenerational process. Like many other sports games, 2K22 has an ultimate team mode called MyTeam. Here, players can choose new cards of their favorite superstars from the past and present of the NBA. If they have to start over when they upgrade to a new console, this will be a huge obstacle for dedicated 2K fans.

Fortunately, the game will support cross-generational processes. When players decide to upgrade, they will be able to bring their complete MyTeam collection to several generations of consoles. This means that every player will appear, as well as any in-game currency that someone bought or earned . One thing to note here is that 2K22 only supports cross-processes in the same console series-this means that PS4 processes cannot be saved and transferred to Xbox Series X, for example. Similarly, Xbox One progress cannot be saved and transferred to PlayStation 5.

Although this is a huge boon for NBA 2K22, it is also worth noting that if players want this benefit, they must Buy 2K22 MT. There are four different versions of NBA 2K22 to choose from, so choosing the correct version is very important. The Cross-Gen version is only a digital version, and players will spend $70. However, it does come with some additional in-game items to make the pot more sweet, but the price is slightly higher than the standard version, which may cause some potential buyers to hesitate about the price.

The last thing to keep in mind when considering which version to buy is that NBA 2K22 does not support cross-play. Unfortunately, this means, for example, that players on PS5 cannot play with their friends on PS4. Because of this, many users may stick to any generation that has more players or more friends. For most people, this may not be a big problem, but some users may only be interested in playing with friends online, so it is worth considering before buying.