The popular RPG game Path of Exile has received another content extension, which you can also play at this time. However, so far, only on the PC platform. The console version will be released later. Path of Exile: Expedition, as the new expansion claims, brings new content and multiple improvements to the game. This is another reason to try the game, if you have not already done so. In addition, games and extensions are completely free.

The developers also boasted about the path of exile in the official blog: the biggest changes and innovations brought about by the expedition. You can look forward to the new expedition challenge alliance, four new NPC merchants, 19 new skills, various improvements and repairs to the game, flask system rework, and new types of items. With these changes, the Royal Mode has also changed, which was originally added to the game as a prank on April 1. However, he likes players, so he found a way back to the game and became a regular part of the game.

As part of the changes, fans of this mode can look forward to the audience mode, top player rankings, improved terrain, improved POE Currency, and more. This mode will be available again on weekends, and you will be able to repeat it every weekend until the end of the new expedition league. Path of Exile: Expedition expansion is available on PC, landing on the console on July 28.

The developers gave us a little more time to fill in the waiting time for the sequel to Path of Exile 2. The game was announced in 2019, and the Grinding Gear Games studio has been working hard since then. The exact release date is not yet known, but the developers hope to release the game in 2022. So obviously we don't have to wait this year. POE Orbs is the key to rapid upgrades in new expansions.