Path of Exile Exalted Orb is a PoE Currency item that can be used to enhance a piece of rare equipment with a new random affix. Exalted Orbs are the high-value PoE Currency that plays a crucial role in the in-game economy. Their primary purpose is to craft rare high-end items. Because of this, it is regarded as the "gold standard" currency for trading between players, with many trade deals listed regarding Exalted Orbs. Since the average player does not have the means to craft high-end items, the average player typically trades Exalted Orbs for other valuable equipment instead of consuming them.

PoE Exalted Orb Drop Rate

Exalted Orbs are rare currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes and doing beastcrafting recipe, etc. There is a not-profitable vendor recipe to acquire Exalted Orb by downgrading Mirror of Kalandra, the rarest currency of the game. However, the player can also obtain Exalted Orb indirectly from vendor recipe by acquiring Exalted Shard and then combine the shard into an orb. However, that vendor recipe maybe not profitable either, since the ingredients were Influenced item, which may worth more than the value of Exalted Shards in trade leagues.

What items can I use Exalted Orbs on?

If it's your first Exalted Orb, you simply shouldn't. Exalted Orbs are most effectively used when meta-crafting. Professional players prepare specific rare items with certain suffixes and prefixes. They are of the highest their, and the number of those properties have to match their needs. After preparing the item, they use meta-crafting mods from level 8 Masters, allowing them to guarantee (or at least raise the chances of) getting the property they need when using Exalted Orb. This is usually a hazardous, expensive, and rewarding process.

On the other hand, if you really have to, you could gamble with some expensive items with open slots for additional properties. Take a look at the Body Armour below:

It has very high Energy Shield rolls (over 900 ES overall) and 2 open slots for additional properties. If you are rich enough to afford similar items (the price on this piece is roughly 17 Exalted Orbs), it might be reasonable to craft some additional properties with Exalted Orbs. Keep in mind you will be losing the Orb in the process, and also, if low tier affixes/suffixes show up on your item, it will lose some value. After all, you have to pay for open affix slots.

What Can You Do with the Exalted Orb?

Path of Exile stands out from an array of similar games because of its unique currency system. There is no money here. Instead, the orbs fulfill its role. As usual, the currencies vary according to their value: low ones are easy to find and aren’t precious, while high-value ones are rare and basically priceless.

The Exalted Orb, as you could already understand, is from the second group. As it’s similar to golden resources, experienced players never waste it. It’s typically used in two ways:

According to the direct purpose – for crafting exceptional rare items. Using this currency, a player can add a suffix or prefix to a rare item that has an open slot (in other words, the item has less than six affixes).

For selling. Valuable resources are always in demand. Therefore, average players that don’t have the chance to create a high-end rare item usually exchange or trade the Exalted Orb to get themselves something valuable.

The ultimate rule to get the most out of the invaluable Orb is not to waste it. Therefore, when either adding an affix or selling the currency, a player must make sure he will get the desired outcome that will be worth getting rid of the PoE’s gold.

How to Get the Exalted Orb

Nothing precious is gained easily, and the Exalted Orb is no exception. There are several ways of getting this valuable currency. Some players, who are lucky enough, just find it falling on them. The Exalted Orbs can be dropped by slain monsters, destructible containers, as well as chests. However, don’t get your hopes up: it happens extremely rarely.

According to some data, the average Exalted Orb drop rate is around 0.055%, which is quite depressing. Basically, you need to play almost 100 hours to get yourself one, but this also is not a 100-percent working method as the drop chance is random.

But don’t stop reading right at this moment as there are other ways how you can get yourself the gold standard of PoE.

After drilling into the Exalted Orb's nature, it’s becoming clear why this is one of the most expensive currency in Path of Exile. Besides its unique and useful features that allow you to craft high-end rare items, it's almost impossible to get. If you don't want to spend a lot of time on Farming exalted orb, you can purchase Poe currency you wish to on the third party website. Here we recommend that you buy at the safe PoE Currency Shop