For the new update of Path of Exile 3.15, Grinding Gear Games has held a series of POE Currency, in which developer Chris Wilson talked about the new content of the Expedition Expansion. The next expansion pack of the PC version of Path of Exile will be released tomorrow. And GGG revealed in the previous announcement stream that if players join the Kalguuren expedition, they seem to be able to look forward to some new content in the new season.

Expeditions, skill gems and balance measures. During the expedition, you will encounter marked excavation sites time and time again. The marks here represent enemies and treasures, which can be brought to the surface by cleverly placed explosives. In the battle, you can POE Currency Buy as well as new items, which can be exchanged at four new NPC dealers. In a previous tweet, the developer also stated that the Path of Exile metagame should be changed. To achieve this, 19 new skill gems have been introduced into the game. Each new league introduces new weapons, crafting options and skills, which leads to the spread of the power of the old strategy.

Specifically, the following new content will be introduced in the game: Expeditionary Alliance, four new NPC dealers, 19 new skill gems and new types of basic and unique items. At the same time, the developers made changes to the balance of Path Of Exile to make the game more challenging, including a thorough reform of the potion system. Players who want to win the battle can still buy POE Currency in the game, which greatly enhances the strength and damage of their characters.

Last but not least, GGG will reintroduce the Battle Royale mode at the request of players. It should be available during the weekend of the current expedition alliance. The developer also said that it will update the battle royale mode from time to time according to the actual situation and constantly balance. Although after Ultimatum was released, players were angry because GGG allowed the anchor to enter the game server first, and caused Path of Exile to lose 70% of players on Steam. However, after the launch of the new expansion, I believe that more new players will prepare enough POE Currency to join the battle.