If you have very fine or thin hair and need help blending your Clip In Extensions, you've come to the right place.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to completely hide the clips of the extensions, especially if your own hair is very thin. For example, the clips can shine out through your hair, not tightly attached due to the fine texture of the hair or the extensions simply feel too heavy in your thin hair from the best hair vendors. However, the steps we want to share with you in this post will help you to let your extensions blend in naturally!

Tip #1: Choose the right extensions

Our Clip In Extensions have a base embroidered with silk fabric, on which the clips are sewn by hand. Our Clip In Extensions can thus be perfectly blended with your fine hair and give you additional length and volume, while at the same time maintaining a very natural effect.


Tip #2: Create a solid basis for the tresses

Your extensions of may slip throughout the day or even fall out if you have thin hair. In order for the clips to have more firming, it is important to create a stable base. This will ensure that the hair is fixed. You can create this base by spraying a little hairspray on the spot where you want to attach the clips later.


Tip # 3: find the safe zone

A very important step in adding your extensions is figuring out what your "safe zone" is. This is the area on your head where the clips cannot be seen. Usually, for fine hair, the safe zone is anywhere below the line of your eyebrows. Draw an imaginary circle around your head from one eyebrow to the other, anywhere below this circle your clips can be attached.


Tip # 4: position the wefts

We all have different hair types, head sizes and shapes. While there is a general order in which extensions should be clipped in, it does not necessarily have to be right for everyone. Just try around with the clips and find out which positioning is best for you. Thin-haired girls need to pay special attention to the top of the head to make sure the clips don't look through (think about the safety zone!) Read the next tip for some positioning suggestions or check out the picture below.


Tip # 5: the choice of wefts

Sometimes you don't have to use all of the wholesale human hair wefts and that's perfectly fine. If you can't find room for your braids on your head, you probably won't need to use all of them. Find out which weft is best for which section of your head.


Tip # 6: tease your hair

As soon as your extensions are clipped in, you will immediately notice how long and thick your hair feels (great feeling, right?). Of course, it can be noticeable that you have more hair on the bottom than on the top of your head. To make the mixture look more natural, you can tease your hair at the roots to get more volume. This creates an overall harmonious, voluminous look.


Tip # 7: Layer your hair

A layered haircut from the hairdresser can ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair. In addition, a smooth transition from your own natural hair to hair extensions is created. If you decide on a cut, we recommend that you wear the extensions while you are cutting your hair. It will also be very helpful for you to remember the arrangement of the strands so that you know exactly where the respective strands need to be attached in the future.


Tip # 8: Style your hair with a curling iron or flat iron

Even though our HAIR CORNING extensions look great straight, wavy hair can sometimes look more natural. They also help you blend your own shorter hair with the long extensions. Wrap your own hair and extensions around the curling iron to make sure they blend into each other.