For beginners, it may be very confusing to start Path Of Exile for a period, not knowing where to start. For all players who have played action role-playing games before, most of the content in Path Of Exile may seem familiar. But players will soon realize how much GGG has put in this POE Currency, which brings a unique experience to all players who bravely try to play Path Of Exile.

It is called brave because, compared to the genre filled with games by providing a limited choice of stereotyped character categories, Path Of Exile has a free-form design that allows players to create uniqueness from hundreds of skills character of. This kind of freely designed character, in case something goes wrong, players have no choice but to reshape the character and start over with a brand new character. The following will briefly introduce some Path of Exile Currency about the league in Path Of Exile, to bring some preliminary knowledge to beginners.

First, the standard league. This is the basic game mode of POE that existed from the beginning. Other characters you encounter during your travels may already be powerful. With a mature economy, you can buy almost anything as long as it has a price. A price you may not afford temporarily, you can also buy POE Currency to get everything you want. Second, the Challenge League. Every few months, Path Of Exile will start a new challenge league. These temporary leagues allow all players to return to the first-level role and reset the economy and play fairly. From there, it is a game to complete the major story and finish the final game content until the next reset. Third, Hardcore Leagues. Both Standard League and Challenge League have hardcore options. In this pseudo-permanent death alliance, your character has only one life. You didn’t lose everything after you died; your character was just banished to the Standard League and will never be played again.

Here are a few instructions about the league. See if you have a preliminary understanding of Path Of Exile’s league mode, if you want to continue to understand, you may try it. The POE Currency provided in the game can also be used. Buy what you want, and play it will definitely bring you a unique experience that differs from other games, go ahead!