Since 2013, Grinding Gear Games has gradually built a community around the free game "Path of Exile". The creators of the game were dissatisfied with the lack of dungeon crawlers at the time. With "Grinding Gear Games" planning another expansion of "path of Exile", "Ultimatum atum", it is working on the next series of works: "Path of Exile 2". The sequel introduced new gameplay mechanics and POE Currency categories, but did not leave the community behind. By the way, your Path of Exile character and purchased items will continue to "Path of Exile 2", allowing you to jump into a new PC game without losing any steps.

"Path of Exile 2" continues the story of the first game, which is a dark fantasy on the land of "War Wastes". There is a lost eternal empire, ancient gods, demons and contracts to save or destroy the world. Naturally, there are monsters everywhere in this land, which can be killed and looted in large quantities.

"Path of Exile 2" is built on the same engine as the previous game, and its sequel jump allows the team to make game changes without leaving the current "Path of Exile" community. You only need one account to access these two games. After the sequel is released, you can log in and decide to POE Currency Buy in "Path of Exile" or "Path of Exile 2".

"We don't want to divide our community," Grinding Gear Games founder Chris Wilson said in the game demo. "Moreover, we also want to ensure that Path of Exile 1 can continue to be upgraded. That is the best policy for us."